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Asset Health Review

An asset health review consists of a full assessment of process plant equipment, systems, procedures and competencies to provide a complete view of the plants current asset integrity.

Operational Risk Assessment (ORA)

The ORA study for major installations is an overview process in which the condition, history and mode of operation of equipment with known asset health issues is assessed together with practices and procedures of the organisation responsible for equipment management.

Ageing Assets Review

A review of ageing assets consists of a full assessment of operating and maintenance practices and procedures, in order to determine gaps when compared to the HSE Research Report 509 (RR509) “Plant Ageing, Management of Equipment containing Hazardous fluids or Pressure”.

Reliability Studies

Conducting reliability studies of fixed and rotating equipment to develop risk based inspection and maintenance strategies, that are based on the knowledge of the risk of failure of critical equipment items. These strategies are developed utilising proven techniques such as Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA).

Investment Strategies

Development of investment programmes based on asset health condition and operational risks being actively managed.

LPG Storage Safety Compliance

Navigating the complexities of fuel storage safety can be daunting. At Tutis Energy, we are committed to making this process simpler and safer for you. Learn how we ensure your safety and compliance with LPG storage.

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