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Operations Advice and Support

Advice, support and management of all operational activities ranging from Natural Gas import terminals and transmission systems, LNG receiving terminals and peak shaving facilities, regasification, liquefaction, jetty’s and cryogenic pipelines.

Pre-Start Up Safety Audit (PSA)

The PSA is the final audit in a company’s structured audit process, and shall be performed after completion of works with regards to systems or sub systems prior to hydrocarbons being introduced for safe operation as specified.

Pre-Start Up Safety Reviews (PSSR)

The objective of each of the PSSR’s shall be to ensure that the Project Works have been satisfactorily and safely completed, and that all documentation necessary to ensure safe operations and maintenance is available. The Company can thereby be assured that the Project Works, or any part of the Project Works, may be used and operated in the manner prescribed within the Project documentation.

Operational Readiness Review (ORR)

The objectives for the Operations Readiness Review (ORR) are as follows: Examine the status of the facility management system to commission, operate, maintain and modify the facility in order to meet legal requirements for safety, health, environment and security.

Management of Change (MOC)

Conducting assessments and audits of MOC processes against best practice to ensure that safety, health and environmental risks are controlled when changes are made with assets, documentation, personnel, or operations.

Commissioning Support and Management

Advice, support and management of all commissioning activities, ranging from the cool down and start-up of small scale facilities to the large scale storage tanks, jetty’s and pipelines.

Decommissioning Support and Management

Advice, support and management of all de-commissioning activities through to the demolition and environmental disposal of materials used in the storage of LNG.

Independent Vetting of Ships and Trucks

Completion of ship and truck vetting to ensure that the operations of the terminal are not put at risk by giving assurance that the ships and trucks to be received are in an acceptable condition and compatible with the terminal.

Alarm Management

Conduct an alarm management assessment in accordance with the EEMUA publication 191 Alarm management.

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